Cuttlefish chips
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Origin: Vietnam
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Product Description
Applied by management program HACCP under Europe standard with main ingredient is fresh cuttle to create a product with specific flavor, suitable for consumers and all of their demands by many ways such as: frying, grilling by micropower or cooking soup.
Net weight : 200 Gr
Content of : Tapioca flour, cuttle and spices...
How to use
SOAK INTO OIL: Soak chips in cooking oil at the temperature 160-180 0C. Take out quickly when the chips just turn brown yellow and swell.
TO ROAST ON VIBA OVEN: Using the viba oven at the rate of micropower (capacity of 600 – 1000w) from 40 to 60 seconds.
SOUP COOKING: To boil 100gr of chips from 3 to 5 minutes. Preparing for 400ml hot soup, to fill into the bowl together with chips, shallot, bean sprouts, blood curds (or pork, beef, chicken) and favorite spice.

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