Superclean bamboo bowl
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Code: HC108011
Origin: Vietnam
Reference price: 3.00 USD 
Unit count: Piece 
Payment: Confirmed L/C; Telegraphic tranfer remittance (T/T) 
Supply ability: 1000 
Visited count: 67 
Product Description

Handviet introduces new products- Super clean Products made of the natural bamboo materials?

Are you worrying about quality of products you are importing from Asia?

Have you ever imported Vietnamese wares and have you found it hard to trust?

Handviet will abolish your worries:

+ Have you ever tried to seize a bamboo product, beating comfortably onto the ground without breaking and cracking?

+ Have you ever soaked a base in water from 2 to 3 hours without booming? Handviet brings the distinction at the first time when you see:

+ Our Products passing 10 years will not still change painting colour.

+ Natural bamboo trees are, of course, brighter than bamboo trees with the same kind.

+ Do not fear worm-eaten, termite, even after 50 years.

+ Soak it in water suitably and longer, use well in washing-machine.

+ For food safety-sanitation capable of containing food, meals, without zinc and without finding lead. ?

+ Friendliness with environment without smell and toxic.

+ In different temperature condition, the products do not change.

Come to Handviet to be felt and witnessed deeply: ?

+ Beat it by your affort, without cracking and breaking.

+ Hot or cold temperature is not affected.?

+ It is very easy for you to find any Handviets product in eyes within 1000 products of other companies, without having to see the label, trade-mark.

Handviet ?can provide 3 kinds of major products:?

* Good quality, beautiful forms/ models. (This is the cheapest kind, using PU paint, only used for decoration, not for food).

* Good quality, very beautiful forms/ models.( Using food safety paint, product can contain food or meals, without fearing worm-eaten and termite, not change their color, friendly with environment, throwing without cracking, beating without breaking, no smell, no zinc and only 0.01ppm lead, ensure safe for heath.)

* Very Good quality, extremely beautiful forms/ models-Super clean product. The product will be guaranteed within 50 years. Even Throwing or Beating naturally, and standing or dancing on this product without breaking and cracking, absolute food safety paint. Pass the test with temperature 60o C and -5oC, No termite, nor worm-eaten, not change colour, able to soak into water and used for washing-machine. The color is very natural bright, when you hold the samples on the hand you do not think it was paint. Quantity of orders are medium, not providing large quantities in the short time for this kind. ?

Please tell us quality you need, we are ready to meet every requirement of the strictest client.

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