Mango juice
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Code: 3006
Origin: Vietnam
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Product Description
Ingredient : Frozen Juice original (100% original from fruit, no additive or preservative substance).
Instant use : Unfreeze the product, then mix product with water( add some sugar if appropriate), water can be much or little up to every one
Re-processing : used for proccesing drink, beverage from fruit flavour, or produce ice cream), appropriate for beverage factories.
Plastic : 18kgs/plastic
Drum : 20kg/drum (2 PE bag inside)
Carton : 16 kgs/carton (6 vacuumn bags, 3 kgs/bag)
PET bottle: 500ml; 600ml;1500ml/bottle
Or other packings under customer"s requirement.
Preservation: All products are stored in frozen factory, -18 0C, or in fridge for 7 days (PET bottle).
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